Trust Your Instincts to Create a Greater Level of Comfort in Your Home

Father and daughter making cookies.
Bring more joy to your home

Everyone would love to live in the home of their dreams. Sometimes, however, the home that you dream about living in isn’t the most practical kind of home. Maybe you dream about living in a Victorian style home with claw-footed sofas, ottomans and Persian carpets. But when it comes down to it, you may not feel terribly comfortable in a home of this kind. You might prefer your comfy armchairs and shag rugs! So how do design a dream home for yourself which is also comfortable?

Trusting Your Instincts About Comfort

In general, comfort is one of those things that you know about instinctively. From the moment you enter a certain home, you know whether you’re going to be comfortable there because you get that “aah” feeling when you walk in the door. Your body relaxes visibly and, as a result, you also wind up enjoying the time you spend there.

What Are Your Favorite Indoor Spaces?

You don’t only have to think about homes when you’re considering styles of interior decoration. You can also think about other places where you like to hang out. What are some of your favorite places to visit? Is there a coffee shop with large back cushions and flower arrangements which you love? Is there a restaurant with ethnic art and comfy booths which you can’t get enough of? Is there a home where you lived with a terrace garden that you remember fondly?

Where Do You Like to Spend More Time?

There are so many indoor spaces that we frequent nowadays. Think about the ones where you like to spend the most time. It could be that bookstore with shelves upon shelves of books. Or it could be your parents’ beach house. It could even be your current home with its dim, diffuse lighting and minimalist décor.

Discovering the Style That Appeals to You

Once you’ve taken note of all the things that make you feel more comfortable about a space, you are likely to find that there is a theme or a style of decoration that binds them all together. And you can decorate your dream home in that style.

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