Make a Brand New Start When You Move into Your Luxury Home

You’re moving into a new luxury home, so it’s time to make a brand new start. And this means getting rid of all the things you don’t use. Many of us don’t realize it but our homes are cluttered with things that we haven’t used in ages and that we would definitely not miss if we gave them away. So why not go through an intense cleaning process and only take the things that you really need to your new luxury home?

Clearing Things Methodically

The first step is to go through everything that you own step by step. Devote one day to going through your clothes, another to going through your books, a third for kitchen utensils etc. You don’t want to start doing everything all at once because this can get messy, not to mention daunting. You’ll end up with all your closets open, things piled on your bed and litter everywhere. Instead, it’s better to do one thing at a time.

The Six Month Rule

A good rule is to go through everything and think about whether you have used that thing in the last six months. If you haven’t, then it’s likely that you’re not going to use it at all and it can go. Why litter your new home with something useless?

However, if you’re not so sure about this, then just pick out the things you haven’t used in six months and put them aside, in any storage space you might have in your home. A couple of months later, if you find that you’ve not wanted to use any of those things, then give them away. Of course, in order to do this, you have to start the cleaning process a few months before your move.

Donate and Be Guilt-Free

Once you know what you don’t need anymore, you can donate those clothes/books to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. If you have enough things, they’ll even come to your home to pick them up. Or else, you can try giving them to friends or family members who might appreciate them.

Don’t feel any unnecessary sense of guilt in getting rid of things. After all, there are probably people out there who might be able to use them. And it’s better to get rid of these things than to have them weighing you down and disrupting the energy of your home

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