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Quick Market Report, 3/26/2020

3/26/2020 Here’s what we saw during the last 7 days in the Metro Denver area.   Last 7 Days New listings: 1451 Pending: 1365 Back on Market: 457 Price Increase: 145 Price Decrease: 665 Closed: 1256 — Previous 7 Days New listings: 1433 Pending: 1677 Back on Market: 417 Price Increase: 231 Price Decrease: 705 […]

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How Do Real Estate Trends Affect Your Purchase of a Home?

When you’re buying a home, you’re also buying a piece of real estate which is going to appreciate or depreciate over time. As a homeowner, you may be more interested in whether you’re going to like living in that home and whether your family will like it too. You may want to know whether there […]

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Investing In Real Estate: A Means To Increase Wealth

Investing in Metro Denver real estate is a worthwhile means to increase wealth in terms of assets. Aside from acquiring a piece of property that will appreciate in value, a savvy investor will use their real estate investment to cross-collateralize on additional acquisitions. A luxury home is the perfect property to utilize in this manner. High […]

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Investing in Real Estate: Why City Folks Love Colorado

After living in a cramped New York underground apartment, many city dwellers love renting or owning a luxury home near the beautiful Colorado Rockies.  Investing in the Colorado real estate market makes sense with the current residential housing trends. Luxury home owners in New York, for example, gravitate to Colorado because of outrageous real estate […]

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