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How Do Real Estate Trends Affect Your Purchase of a Home?

When you’re buying a home, you’re also buying a piece of real estate which is going to appreciate or depreciate over time. As a homeowner, you may be more interested in whether you’re going to like living in that home and whether your family will like it too. You may want to know whether there […]

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Why the ‘New Aristocracy’ Favors a Metro Denver Luxury Home Search

Millennials who inherited wealth are often called the “New Aristocracy.” Because most millennials have graduate degrees, they are not as likely as the less educated to blow their new-found wealth at gambling casinos. Many are also cautious about the stock market. A growing number of these millennials are looking for smartly designed luxury homes that […]

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Real Estate Trends and Design Statements to Follow when Listing Denver Homes

Although boundary-pushing projected real estate trends get a buyer’s attention, making too bold of a design statement doesn’t always lead to a sale. If you’re thinking of selling a home in Metro Denver in Denver, Colorado, you can incorporate some of the trendy design features in small doses to appeal to buyers. If you want […]

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Six Luxurious Home Design Trends That Will Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa (Part II)

After a long, hard day at work, your bathroom is your place to relax and unwind. But it needs some updating and you want the latest look. In last week’s blog, we perused three of the six design trends of this year. Let’s examine the last three magnificent trends now. Patterned or “Wood” Tile Depending […]

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Six Luxurious Home Design Trends That Will Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa (Part I)

Next to your kitchen, your bathroom is your biggest investment in your home and you spend a lot of time there. So, no matter how big or small, shouldn’t the space be as spa-like as possible with a modern look? You know it’s time and you’d really like to update your bathroom. It seems like […]

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How to Find the Right Moving Company When the Big Day Is Looming

Your moving day is getting closer and there’s so much sorting and packing still to do. But you haven’t even decided on a mover yet. You’ve heard horror stories in addition to good ones and you’re a bit nervous. All it takes is selecting a bad moving company and—bam!—you’ve got broken or missing items. How […]

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10 Great Home Safety Tips To Help Keep Burglars Away

In today’s world it seems the local news is filled with political scandals and home break-ins. While we probably can’t do much about the first, we certainly can protect our homes. Besides installing a home security system there are other things you can do to protect your family, valuables and home from invaders. Never leave […]

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