A Look at Longmont Luxury Home Neighborhoods

Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Longmont, Colorado, has become a beacon for luxury living in the Metro Denver area. Its rich history, scenic landscapes, and proximity to both urban and natural amenities make it a prime location for upscale homes and refined lifestyles. At Metro Denver Luxury Homes, we’ve taken the time to highlight the crème de la crème of Longmont’s luxury home neighborhoods to help potential homeowners discover the elegance that awaits them.

1. Somerset Meadows

This pristine enclave is a testament to modern luxury amidst nature. Somerset Meadows is a master-planned community that combines spacious lots’ tranquility with nearby amenities’ convenience. Architectural excellence meets panoramic mountain views, ensuring every homeowner feels connected to nature and luxury.

2. Prospect New Town

An eclectic blend of urban charm and contemporary elegance, Prospect New Town is often referred to as “the coolest neighborhood in America.” Its mix of architectural styles, from Victorian to ultra-modern, and its walkable streets filled with boutique shops and gourmet eateries offer a unique luxury experience.

3. Rainbow Ridge

Nestled amidst rolling hills and scenic vistas, Rainbow Ridge offers expansive lots and custom homes. Each residence here exudes a unique charm, from modern architectural masterpieces to traditional mansions, all unified by their commitment to luxury.

4. Anhawa

Steeped in a rich tapestry of history and luxury, the Anhawa neighborhood in Longmont stands out as a paragon of refined living. With its tree-lined avenues, expansive plots, and masterfully designed homes, Anhawa is reminiscent of old-world elegance combined with contemporary comforts. Residents are privy to a harmonious balance of serenity, thanks to the neighborhood’s meticulous landscaping and its proximity to natural landmarks, while still enjoying the conveniences of Longmont’s bustling downtown area. Anhawa is more than a neighborhood; it’s a statement of luxury and sophistication in Longmont’s impressive repertoire of upscale communities.

5. Foothills East

A gem in Longmont’s prestigious crown, the Foothills East neighborhood marries luxury with nature’s bounty. Distinguished by its grand homes, this enclave is set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Colorado foothills, providing residents with panoramic views that change beautifully with the seasons. But it’s not just the vistas that allure; the neighborhood’s meticulous design ensures spaciousness and privacy, making it a coveted retreat for those who desire an elevated lifestyle. With proximity to Longmont’s myriad amenities and the tranquility offered by the surrounding landscapes, Foothills East is where luxury meets the lap of nature.

6. Northern Plains

As its name suggests, the Northern Plains neighborhood in Longmont offers vast, sweeping landscapes that capture the essence of Colorado’s majestic plains. But beyond its natural allure, this community is synonymous with upscale living. Each residence within Northern Plains is a testament to architectural prowess and modern luxury, often accompanied by expansive yards that grant homeowners a personal slice of Colorado’s beauty. Its strategic location ensures that while residents bask in the peace of the plains, they’re always close to Longmont’s vibrant urban offerings. In Northern Plains, the harmony of open spaces and luxury living paints a tranquil and opulent lifestyle.

7. West Grange

Nestled on the western outskirts of Longmont, the West Grange neighborhood is a harmonious blend of contemporary luxury and suburban charm. This thoughtfully planned community boasts a collection of modern homes, each reflecting a commitment to design excellence and upscale living. Beyond the doors of these residences, West Grange unfolds as a vibrant community space featuring well-maintained parks, meandering walking trails, and social gathering spots. The neighborhood’s strategic position provides stunning views of the Rocky Mountains, adding a picturesque backdrop to daily life. While it offers a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle, its connectivity ensures that the heart of Longmont and its myriad amenities are just a short drive away. In West Grange, residents discover the perfect balance of community, luxury, and natural beauty.


Longmont, Colorado, is more than just a city — it’s a luxury lifestyle destination. The neighborhoods mentioned above only scratch the surface of the luxury and elegance that await prospective homeowners. Whether you’re drawn to the modern, eclectic vibe of Prospect New Town or the tranquil luxury of Somerset Meadows, Longmont promises a life of unparalleled sophistication. Let Metro Denver Luxury Homes be your guide to discovering the perfect luxury home in this gem of Colorado.