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9 Tips for Preparing Your Denver Luxury Home for Safekeeping


Everyone deserves a stress-free vacation, and as a Denver luxury homeowner, ensuring your precious property is well-prepared for your absence is crucial. Whether you’re jetting off for a week or spending an extended period away, securing your home should be a top priority. This comprehensive guide will provide a checklist to ensure your Denver luxury home remains safe and sound while you enjoy your much-needed escape.

1. Notify Your Security Company

Ensure that your security company is informed about your travel dates. They can then be more vigilant and respond promptly to any alarms. If you have a trusted neighbor or a caretaker, provide them with emergency contact information and brief them on what to do if the security company contacts them.

2. Automate Your Home

Use smart technology to your advantage. Automated systems can control lighting, temperature and even give the illusion of occupancy. Timers can switch lights on and off at intervals, deterring potential intruders. Likewise, smart thermostats can be programmed to maintain a steady temperature, preventing pipes from freezing in the colder months.

3. Secure Your Property

Ensure all windows, doors, and other entry points are securely locked. Remember the garage, garden shed, or any other external buildings. If you have a home safe, secure your valuable items, important documents, and keys.

4. Schedule Regular Maintenance

To keep your home in top shape while you’re away, schedule services like lawn care or pool maintenance. Remember to notify these service providers about your absence so they can be on the lookout for any unusual activity.

5. Protect Against Power Surges

Consider unplugging appliances to protect them from power surges and to save energy. However, keep critical systems like security, refrigeration, and certain lights (if not on a timer) plugged in.

6. Turn off water

If your home allows you to turn off the water inside of your home while still allowing water to your sprinkler system, do so. If your home does not have this option and you’re traveling in the summer, you should probably leave your water on to ensure your lawn doesn’t get to dry while you are away. You could also hire a plumber to put a valve in so you can turn off the water to your home and still allow water to your sprinkler system. 

7. Mail and Deliveries

A buildup of mail is a clear indication of an empty home. Request a friend, neighbor, or home-watch service to collect your mail, or use a mail-hold service. Also, pause regular deliveries such as newspapers or online shopping.

8. Prep for Your Return

Coming home to a clean, welcoming space is the perfect ending to any vacation. Consider scheduling a cleaning service for the day before your return. Stock your pantry with non-perishable items for that first meal home, and remember to adjust your smart thermostat so it’s comfortable upon arrival.

9. Review Your Insurance Policy

Ensure your home insurance policy is up-to-date and covers potential risks during your absence. Document and photograph valuable items to expedite any potential claims.


While preparing your Denver luxury home for your vacation may require some work, the peace of mind you’ll gain is priceless. This checklist helps ensure that your home remains as you left it, ready for your return. Enjoy your trip, knowing you’ve taken the steps to secure your beautiful home. Safe travels!