Where Should You Spend Your Remodeling Dollars If You Want to Sell Your House?

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If you’re thinking of remodeling your home before putting it on the market, you’ll want to know which projects appeal most to buyers and which ones pay back the money you’ll invest.

Of course, whether you’ll recoup your investment depends in part on how long it’ll be between when you finish the project and when you sell. If it’ll be a number of years, then do what will make you happiest

But if you plan to move soon, know that some projects will have broader appeal. You should focus on those.

REALTORS® ranked the most popular renovations in terms of their return on investment and how much they appeal to buyers. We’ve created a guide (and the video below) to help you get a handle on renovations and remodeling projects before you sell. In the guide, we explain various projects and how buyers look at them. Download the guide here:  https://bit.ly/renovating-and-remodeling-guide

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