3 Tips for Using Old Things to Create a Sense of Hygge in Your Home

What exactly is luxury? Do you find that cashmere sweater luxurious? How about that chenille throw? Or that t-shirt that you’ve worn so many times that it’s become really soft and comfortable? Most people would agree that cashmere is luxurious but not an old t-shirt which has been worn really often. However, the fact is that that old t-shirt probably gives you a great feeling of comfort or hygge—the Danish word for cozy happiness. How can you use old things like this to create a greater sense of luxury in your home?


One way is to use old things—antiques which may have been handed down in your family—in your home. Maybe you have an old sofa set that has been lying in storage. You could bring it out, polish it, get it upholstered with some nice, soft fabric and put it in your living room. The oldness of something can make it feel more hygge, but it has to be well-maintained in order to do so.


You can also do the same thing with old paintings. If you have old paintings lying around your attic or if you come across some at a flea market or an antique store, pick them up. In general, these paintings also have gorgeous frames.

With a lick of furniture polish or brasso and a little cleaning up, an antique painting can make a great addition to your home and give it a sense of character. There are times when you might not even want to clean off the patina that has gathered on the painting over the years because it makes it look more authentic.


There are many other old things that can be useful in your home and give it a hygge feeling. Old china that may be in your family can be displayed in a cupboard with a glass door. Old photos which are lying in albums can be framed and placed on the mantel. Papier mache boxes and jewelry boxes look pretty on your vanity table. Decorative lamps with lamp shades give off mood lighting and make a lovely addition to any room.

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