The Real Estate Industry Continues to Change

This Seller Saved $19,085 in commissions.The real estate industry has changed considerably since agents drove offers and contracts back and forth. Nowadays, agents save time with e-contracts, use technology to manage showings, and communicate with clients online. It’s easier than it’s ever been to track the effectiveness of marketing efforts and coordinate all the details that go into selling a home.

As we all know, home prices are also higher now than they’ve ever been. With prices so high, commission checks are at record highs, too. The advantages technology brings to the real estate industry haven’t resulted in lower costs for consumers. We’re working to change that.

The Principal Team provides top-notch service and charges lower fees than other agents. With our Sell Your Home For One Percent model, we’re able to help more people sell homes – even people with less equity in their homes – and we’ve grown faster than ever because we get more new business, more referrals and more repeat clients.

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*Savings based on 6% commission.