Great House Plans for Empty Nesters

If your children have finally moved out, chances are you are looking for a relaxed, peaceful and comfortable kind of environment. And all these begin with the essential thing: where you live.  Architects typically design empty nester houses with foremost, consideration for ease and comfort.  So, which house types are more suitable for you as an empty nester? Let’s find out.

Vacation House Plan

A vacation style house is great if you have an empty nest. A beach house is usually situated in such a way as to avoid flooding, usually on crawl space. They have large porches, sun decks, and verandas, giving you the perfect combination for relaxation mode, and you get to take in the beach throughout the day. The extra roomy outdoors allows you to entertain your guests and have meals or cookouts outside.

Ranch House Plan

One level ranch-style houses are convenient for empty nesters because they don’t have to strain to access upper-level rooms. This ease prevents accidents caused by falls or slipping, especially if mobility becomes an issue. Also, ranch houses provide you with more privacy as the living room is situated between the master bedroom and other bedrooms, also preventing cramped hallways.

Country House Plan

Country houses come with an expansive porch to sit on, a simple floor plan to keep things uncomplicated but still stylish, and lots of outdoor space such that you can enjoy nature. They have big lots with a large area surrounding the home. Also, country houses have big and spacious kitchens to facilitate smooth movement. You can host dinners here for your friends or neighbors or host big feasts for your kids and grandkids when they visit in the holidays or during summer.

Of course, these are definitely not the only options, so widen your scope. There are many more plans suitable for empty nesters. Keep an open mind, and you’ll find an excellent plan just for you.

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