Can You Have Minimalism and Luxury Living in the Same Home?

Loft Living in LoDo DenverMost of us have heard of the wave of minimalism that is sweeping through the world. There are a number of books on the topic, and a number of people are throwing out things that they’ve decided they no longer need in order to live in a minimalistic way.

Does Having More Equal Luxury?

If you only look at the surface, it seems as though minimalism and luxury living are opposites. After all, doesn’t luxury mean having more of everything? One may assume this to be the case, but it is actually untrue; you can have a lot of little things in the home without invoking a feeling of luxury. And you can also have one extravagant thing which creates that feeling of luxury without going overboard.

Should You Buy Many Little Things?

Let’s say that you love to buy books. Maybe you like to stroll into used bookstores and buy whatever catches your fancy. But maybe more than half these books are just languishing on your shelving unit without being read. And you actually end up feeling bad about the fact that you spent all that money but didn’t read those books.

Or Should You Buy One Luxurious Thing?

On the other hand, maybe you see a beautiful book that costs quite a lot, but it’s about something really interesting, and you end up buying it and reading it at one go. Plus, you also keep referring to it from time to time just to refresh your memory.

You Can Have Minimalism and Luxury Too

Having that one expensive book is going to be a lot more luxurious than having a number of cheaper, unread books. This is just an example to indicate that you can have minimalism and live luxuriously too.

Buy/Decorate a Minimalistic but Luxurious Home

Rather than buying a huge home where you never use all the rooms, it would make sense to buy a home which has just enough space for you and your belongings. Rather than decorating the home with a lot of furniture and knickknacks, you could buy a few luxurious pieces that really appeal to you.

Every time you buy something for the home, stop and think about how much use you’re actually going to get out of that thing. It makes more sense to spend more and buy a few things rather than spending less and buying numerous items.

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