5 More Tips to Incorporate “Hygge” for Luxury Living in Your Home

“Hygge” is a Danish word referring to an idea of cozy happiness. Danes use this word for nearly everything, just as an American might use the word “awesome” to indicate something they really like. With colder weather just around the corner, I’ve really been thinking about the qualities of hygge and how they make a home warm and inviting.Although you might get the concept of “awesome,” “hygge” might seem quite elusive and hard to grasp when you think about it intellectually.  However, the fact is that when you’re in a place or situation which has hygge, you instinctively know it. Here are some ways in which you can buy a home with hygge or create this feeling after you’ve bought a home:

  1. View: The type of view you have from a home can make it more hygge. For example, a vast, urban view may not necessarily be hygge but a view of a backyard with trees, a hammock and flowerbeds can be quite hygge. Or a view of a sunset in natural surroundings can also be hygge.
  2. Candles/Fireplace/Lighting: Did you know that Denmark uses the largest amount of candles of any country in the world? This is because Danes believe in the cozy, hygge feeling created by dim lighting. You can also try lighting a few candles in your home or throwing in some dim lighting. If it’s possible to have a cozy fireplace with some rugs thrown in front of it, well, that’s hygge in a nutshell.
  3. Fragrances: There’s nothing more hygge than a traditional Christmas. This is partly because of the smell of the Christmas tree in your living room and the aroma of cookies or Christmas pudding. You can also create a hygge feeling throughout the year by using fragrances and aromas that make you feel homey. Potpourri, the smell of coffee and a cinnamon-y flavor in the air can create a feeling of hygge.
  4. Balconies: Although it’s nice to have large windows in your living room/bedroom, it’s a lot more hygge when you have a balcony with old-fashioned banisters looking out. You can sit on a patio chair in your balcony and watch the world go by.
  5. Bathrooms: Yes, you can have a feeling of hygge in your bathroom as well. This is done by having a spacious, almost a luxurious bathroom. A bathtub is a must but it’s also nice to have a little vanity table and mirror in your bathroom. Add a bit of dim lighting, some bath salts, a glass of wine and some music. Voila, your bathroom is now hygge.

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