Shopping Colorado Horse Properties: Horse Owner Checklist

Colorado Horse PropertiesReal estate shopping can seem difficult. It’s even more challenging if you’re looking for at horse properties for sale in Colorado. When Colorado horse owners move we need to find more than just the perfect home for ourselves but also for our beloved equines. Here is a checklist to help you prioritize amenities:

  1. Acreage. Consider how many horses you own and how you feed them. Penn State University published research stating that grazing horses can generally live on one acre per horse. If you feed your horses hay and grain your pasture requirements can be much smaller. Note that some areas of Colorado have specific zoning requirements stating how many horses you can have per acre. Regarding zoning contact us for specific neighborhood information.
  2. The Barn. Again, count your livestock. You’ll need access to at least as many stalls if not more. You may also prefer more amenities like a tack room, tack lockers, indoor wash rack, automatic waterers, vet stocks, stud stalls with higher walls, large foaling stalls or even showers. Make a list of your preferences on paper and take it with you when looking at properties. Many of these amenities can be added on later for a cost, so don’t let a lack of a stud stall keep you from buying the perfect horse property.
  3. Arenas & Fencing. Empty, usable acreage can always be built upon for a price. If you want property to be rider-ready now, look specifically for the arenas appropriate to your discipline. Team ropers will have little use for a dressage arena, and vice-versa. Give preference to a property that is entirely fenced on the perimeter with a gate at the driveway. Avoid barbed wire fencing. According to The Horse Magazine it is the most dangerous type of fencing, causing the most injuries to horses of all fence materials. If you decide to purchase a horse property with this fencing, plan on installing new fences immediately before bringing your horses home. Arena footing can be very important for some disciplines too. Pay attention to the type of footing used in arenas, some types need specific maintenance beyond the standard tractor rip.

Colorado is a beautiful state with unlimited potential for horse properties. Make safety and health the most important factors when viewing potential new homes. Your horses will thank you.