Belcaro, Luxury Housing Modeled with Nature

Belcaro, Where Streets Move with Nature

As the noteworthy neighborhood of Belcaro inches towards its centennial anniversary in 2024, it is essential to note the fine experiential zest that one encounters during a drive or stroll in this neighborhood’s curvy streets.

The streets are shaded with overarching trees, perfect during the spring and summer months and magical during the winter. Belcaro’s aesthetic comes as a surprise due to its charming subtleties, but as local news reporter Amanda Kesting states, it was the intention and artistic vision of the neighborhood’s founder and local business entrepreneurs.

Belcaro’s Historic Grandfather

George W. Olinger was a notable leader and developer of Denver’s neighborhoods. He was the founder of the Highlander Boys, a youth organization focused on community and sports, but his prized work was Belcaro. Olinger had a big impact on how Denver was developed.

He was inspired by a neighborhood called Bonnie Brae, which is Gaelic for “Pleasant Hill,” in Kansas City. Olinger aimed to create Denver’s own Bonnie Brae and named it Belcaro.

He opted for natural and curvy streets and for the homes themselves to seem to merge with nature, giving the neighborhood a unique quality incomparable in Denver.

The Green Neighborhood

Belcaro’s north border runs along the river called Cherry Creek and ends at the City of Breast Park, a perfect spot for jogging or walking. In the southeast end of the Belcaro, there is another park called Bonnie Brae Park, owing to the vision of the Belcaro’s creator. Going north on Bonnie Brae Blvd towards University Blvd, you will find yourself at the historic Bonnie Brae Tavern, built in 1934.

Unlike other neighborhoods, Belcaro teams with history and nature. Numerous vintage luxury houses dot along the curvy streets which compliment well with the historical landmarks like Phipps Mansion. For the golfing enthusiast, the Denver Country Club is a stone’s throw away from Belcaro’s north-west end. And for shopping and eating alike, Cherry Creek Shopping Center has what you need from designer clothes to gourmet culinary experiences.

Be A Part of Belcaro’s History

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