3 Tips for Creating “Hygge” for Luxury Living

In some ways, the feeling of luxury can be associated with the Danish word “hygge” (pronounced hoo-gah). If you go to Denmark, you’ll hear people making free use of this word to describe anything that they like. A home can be hygge but so can a café, a garden, a party, a room, a bed and a balcony.

Hygge then is not about how big a place is or how ostentatious the décor. In fact, these things can work against the idea of hygge. For a home to be truly hygge, it has to feel cozy, lived in and comfortable. Here are a few things to look out for in a home if you would like it to be hygge

  1. Bedroom: For a room to be hygge, it’s best for there to be a reasonable amount of space. For example, if you’re looking at a bedroom, it should have enough space for a full size bed, a closet or cupboard and a mirror/dressing table. Plus, once you’ve filled it with these things, it should still have enough space to walk around without bumping into things.
  2. Living Room: A room doesn’t need to have a lot of light to be hygge. But if you’re sitting in a certain room during the day and you can feel the sunlight pouring in and giving you a feeling of joy, well that room is hygge. But even a few judiciously placed windows can create a feeling of hygge. And some dim, antique lighting can create a hygge feeling in the evenings.
  3. Kitchen: A house should have a homey feeling in order to be hygge. Often, this feeling is associated with smells of cooking. So having a nice, spacious kitchen with all the appliances you might need (in larger or smaller sizes, depending on your needs) can create a feeling of hygge. Plus, the smell of spices, coffee and cookies always increases feelings of hygge.

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