Staying Active This Summer at Homestead in the Willows

Homes for sale in Homestead in the Willows, in Centennial, Colorado, give residents many opportunities to get outside and enjoy the sun, many within walking distance!

Enjoy access to EIGHT Tennis Courts at Homestead in the Willows


As the weather warms it comes time to think about going outdoors and following through on those new years resolutions. Is there a better way to do both than by playing a sport? Tennis is a fun way to develop personal discipline, enjoy competition, and get fit. Featuring eight courts, Homestead in the Willows is the perfect place for experts and novices alike to get out and get active. You’ll be toning and tanning at the same time–multitasking at it’s very best.

Trail Walking

Another great way to enjoy the outdoors is hiking, an activity even suburban dwellers can enjoy in Centennial. Homestead in the Willows, for instance, has access to Willow Creek Trail, part of the South Suburban Trail System which contains several miles of trails. Walk a short way to the Willow Springs Open Space or follow the trails to explore the surrounding neighborhoods and parks on a longer stroll. Jog, walk your dog, or simply breathe in the fresh air as you savor a taste of the outdoors only moments away from your backyard.


Nothing says summer like an afternoon spent swimming. Homestead in the Willows has three pools, each open daily. Here’s the perfect chance to kick back, relax and have some fun, or to put in an intense workout. Whether floating toys or swimming laps is your thing, you’ll be able to find a time and location that works for you.

Homestead in the Willows is ideally situated to let you take advantage of the summer weather. No matter if you are looking to exercise and look your best or simply get out and live life the fullest you will have plenty of opportunities at Homestead in the Willows this summer.

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