Why You Should Consider Buying New Construction

Buying a Front Range New Construction HomeIf you don’t like the idea of renovating a used home for weeks or months, then a new construction could be right for you. You are able to specify which kind of flooring or appliances you want in your new home. If you’re into green living, the builders can add sustainable features such as a smart thermostat or better insulation so that you won’t use a lot of energy. Another cool thing about new construction homes is that they are generally in compliance with local building and safety regulations.

Lower Maintenance Costs

New build homes in Metro Denver tend to have lower maintenance costs since everything is brand new. You don’t have to worry about paying high costs to replace the roofing, fix broken plumbing, or replace certain doors that have been in a used home for years. In addition, you won’t have to worry about having to pay extra for termite extermination or other insect infestation removal services with newer homes.

Better Financing 

There are some reasons why new construction homes are cheaper than used homes. One reason is that the builders often work with lenders who give their customers special financing. And because all of the amenities are new, it contributes to the overall affordability.

You Get a Home Warranty 

Another advantage of new construction homes is that they come with at least a one-year warranty. With the warranty, your home would be covered should something happen to your home and this helps with the costs of repairs at the home.

Air Quality is Better 

This is because newer homes are built in such a way that they meet safety standards. You don’t have to worry about inhaling the effects of paint that had dangerous toxins such as volatile organic compounds. In addition, air conditioning and heating systems must meet proper filtration standards.

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