Fly Like An Eagle

Did you ever have the urge to fly?

No, not in a plane. You, yourself. Fly. Just take off. Flap your arms …. and fly.

Well, you can actually do it, right here in the Greater Denver area. It’s one of the perks living in the region brings. All you have to do is visit iFly, an indoor skydiving facility that lets you bask in the experience of floating on air.

Taking Flight

It’s done in a wind tunnel that elevates you and keeps you weightlessly gliding above the ground. You’ll be adequately trained beforehand by a certified bodyflight instructor. During that pre-flight classroom prep, you’ll learn how to properly position your body and recognize hand signals the instructor will use to guide your flying experience. You’ll then put on your gear: flight suit, goggles and helmet. After that, you’ll be ready to soar!

An Actual Sport

Indoor skydiving is actually a competitive sport, regulated by the International Bodyflight Association. Like baseball, football, hockey or soccer, bodyflight athletes compete because they love the sport and are devoted to honing and testing their skills. They can compete as individuals or in teams.

iFly offers the opportunity to enjoy bodyflight on a recreational level to anyone interested, from youngsters age 3 on up.

Special Programs

Special activities are available for children, including Flight School and STEM Field Trips. Geared towards youngsters ages 4 to 16, Flight School offers a series of flying skills within an enjoyable group context.   STEM Field Trips offer “physics of flight” and other presentations in the wind tunnel, as well as grade-appropriate lab activities, to visiting school groups. Also available on an ongoing basis is All Abilities Night, a custom-designed program that gives members of the special needs community an opportunity to participate in the flight experience.

iFly is located at 9230 Park Meadows in Lone Tree, not far from Littleton,