Embrace History with Arapahoe Acres Homes for Sale

People love homes with character and the best thing about Colorado is the amount of character you will find in each of the neighborhoods around Denver. For instance, the area of Arapahoe Acres, which is located just 6.8 miles south of Denver, has been dubbed as the “first post-World War II residential subdivision”. It is listed on as a National Register Historic District and perfect for anyone who seeks luxury and old-fashioned charm.

The Homes We Cherish

After World War II, soldiers who were returning home from the war needed a place to stay. It was the start of a housing boom like none other. The market was flooded, and it is said that the construction crews were unable to keep up with the high demand for new homes. Therefore, the houses that were most commonly built became the Mid-Century modern home. These homes may not have the ornate style that was present in homes before the war, but what they lacked in decor, they made up for in durability and functionality. However, this does not mean that there was a lack of character and appeal in these simplistic homes. Most all of them feature large picture windows, a pitched roof, and an attached carport or garage. The homes in Arapahoe Acres were made of concrete, aluminum, and glass to give them a fantastic style that was still affordable for returning soldiers.

An Unbeatable Location

When you visit Arapahoe Acres, it will not take you long to figure out why this amazing neighborhood is still such a popular place for people who want to own a piece of history. It is a neighborhood of approximately 124 mid-century modern homes and an area built for families. Nearby there are a lot of fun things to do, including the Gothic Theatre, the City Center Amphitheater, and Monkey Bizness where the children can go to have a great time. There are also shopping areas nearby and plenty of restaurants like the Twin Dragon. As a bonus, its close proximity to Denver means that virtually anything is within your reach if you choose to call Arapahoe Acres your home.

Embrace History

World War II was a turning point in American history in many ways and you can still own an affordable piece of those changes that we experienced as a country. If you are interested in learning more about this historic area and the beautiful homes that allow you to hold a true piece of history, we invite you to contact us for more information.