Current Real Estate Trends: Appealing to Prospective Buyers

Real estate trends are constantly changing. It is important to keep up with the currents trends and expectations of prospective buyers.

So, what is it that prospective buyers are looking for in a home?

Continue on to discover some of the current trends that will help you prep your home for a quick sale, and get you the most money!

Neutralize in a Modern Way

It is crucial to understand what neutral colors are currently on trend. Yes, tans and browns are considered neutral colors but they are NOT the neutral colors showing up in homes these days. So, what colors should you focus on using? Focus on neutralizing your home with whites and different shades of grey. These neutral colors are wonderful for modernizing your home before listing it on the market.

This goes for children’s rooms, too. If you have a nursery or kids room in your home, be sure to modernize it before snapping photos and listing your home for sale. Eliminate any bright colors, pastel pinks or purples, and conceal them with a fresh coat of neutral paint. Remember that a clean and crisp coat of white paint always works well, too.

Declutter & Depersonalize

This may seem obvious to many individuals, but this is much more than cleaning your home. Decluttering your home means to get rid of anything “laying around”. Keep in mind that anything without a concealed home needs to be moved or discarded. For example, if you commonly keep various items laying out on your bathroom vanity, put them away before listing or showing your home. A decluttered space makes a big difference. Remember that a prospective buyer wants to envision their life in this home, not yours.

Depersonalizing your home means to eliminate any signs of you and your family. This may seem harsh, but again buyers what to visualize their lives in this home. Give them a blank slate to do so with. You are going to want to prepare your home as if you are staging an empty house. Try to put yourself in the shoes of prospective buyers… what would deter you from a home, and what would attract you?

Tips for Depersonalizing a Home

  • Remove family photos from the bookshelves, walls, refrigerator or anywhere else they may be hiding.
  • Eliminate any “taste specific” home decor. Keep out only neutral decor or artwork. For example, this could mean eliminating any antler or head mounts you may have hanging in “the man cave”.
  • If possible, store or pack away bulky pieces of furniture. This will allow prospective buyers to visualize their own pieces throughout the home, as well as make your rooms appear more spacious.

Real estate trends are always changing, but these tips and current trends can help you prepare for your home sale. Remember that you can never be too prepared for the listing of your home, so feel free to contact us to find out your homes current value and for more assistance preparing your home for the upcoming sale.

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