Not Sure Where to Go? When in Denver LoHi or LoDo!

It’s a short walk from LoHi to LoDo and Downtown Denver.

Living in an urban trendy or cool setting is all the rage in Metro Denver. Situated between the northwest corner of the city’s art district and the historic areas below, lie two similar neighborhoods bustling with creativity, activity, and are highly desired as a home destination for those who prefer the vibe of true urban living. When searching for a condo, home or apartment in Denver, it’s common to ask: Should I LoHI…or LoDo?

There are a variety of homes for sale in LoDo and in LoHi, so let’s explore the unique aspects of both!

LoHi – From Mortuary to Milk Can?

Modern meets old is the definition of this growing area on the outskirts of downtown Denver. With modern architecture sparkling with chrome, angles and copious light, LoHi emits a cool vibe that permeates every aspect of life. In what was once a run down area of  an empty mortuary, and crumbling historic homes, now sits a desired village atmosphere of renovation, innovation and upscale finery perfect for visitors and residents alike. If you see the big milk can in the renovated area of the old mortuary – the home of the Olinger market complex – you’re in the right place!

Follow the pedestrian walking path over the South Platte River bridge through this area to chic boutiques, wine bars, and phenomenal restaurants of every ethnic variety and diverse palette.  As always, in the Mile High city, outdoor life is cherished and bikers, runners, and the athletically inclined stretch their lungs to enjoy the cool air and pristine Commons Park.  Or explore the Museum of Contemporary Art around the corner! There is something for everyone in LoHi.

Living in LoHi is a mix of architectural super modern, sleek design, intermingled with gorgeous single family homes in Victorian or Craftsman styles. Lots are small but the feel of the area is one of convenience, neighborly pathways and accessibility to all avenues of fun and work. Where as LoDo has more renovated homes, LoHi features newer and more elemental construction catering to functionality over history.

LoDo – Denver’s Oldest Neighborhood

Twenty five square blocks define this historic district outside of metro Denver and only minutes from it’s sister town, LoHi. LoDo affectionately stands for Lower Downtown and is home to businesses, boutiques and beer! Home of Coors Field, the area bleeds purple during baseball season as fans cheer on the Colorado Rockies.  When the team moved to this area, LoDo exploded and a new village was born. Breweries and eateries dot the streets, as well as economically priced pubs and eateries.

LoDo is home to so many youth focused activities as well as the Children’s Museum of Denver and is seemingly more desired by those seeking a family friendly atmosphere within an urban setting.  Older teens flock to Elitch Gardens amusement park all summer, which is a short distance away. Like LoHi, LoDo is an area constantly on the move, with priority of outdoor experiences and fitness focused folk – say that three times quickly.

Homes in LoDo are, typically, historically refurbished businesses, homes and warehouses. Those who wish to live here commonly find ultra chic lofts with exposed brick and elements of history combined with ultra modern styles, giving the area somewhat of a Steampunk vibe. It’s not unusual to find a condo or loft with ample space, every modern feature and rustic original doors, bells and exposed piping, lending each property a unique experience for the owner.  Alternately, the contemporary angles and glass of the taller, newer structures, lend amazing views and offer a different perspective. From grand to groovy, it’s literally a one block difference and all mixed in to create an area like nothing else in Denver.

Living Hi or Do? 

Because the focus of LoHi and LoDo is adventure and outdoor focused, the real estate adapts perfectly to busy lifestyles.  Studios, condominiums and town homes are often more desired than a traditional single family residences which require more upkeep. People who live here would rather watch the teams playing on the turf than cut the turf in a yard. Prices reflect demand of course, and a small studio with incredible upgrades can run in the $300’s, while a larger town home tops out in the multi-million range.

This is but a small sample of the variety and lifestyle of these two desired neighborhoods. Nationwide, there is a shortage of inventory on the market so those wishing to visit, and are interested in exploring the option of these unique areas, must be sure to partner with an expert in real estate in the LoHi and LoDo areas. This area continues to grow and welcomes everyone to explore!

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