On a Metro Denver Luxury Home Search? Quiz the Neighbors

Selling a home in Cherry Hills VillageAs you look at luxury homes for sale in cities throughout Metro Denver, think about questions you could ask neighbors. Even if you don’t live in the area, take a road trip to feel out the area. Talk to servers and shop owners about the area on the phone or in person. According to an article by realtor.com, there are several insightful questions that neighbors often answer when wondering about a new home purchase. If you are on a Metro Denver luxury home search, remember there are no wrong questions. A good Denver-area real estate agent will likely answer some of the most relevant questions related to facts and figures. But it doesn’t hurt to find out how the neighbors feel about their community. Most people feel greater peace of mind when they see people they can relate to singing the praises of a particular neighborhood. Since everyone is different there is no “bad” neighborhood. It’s more about what area is ideal for your particular lifestyle, family and work or retirement.

What’s it like living here?

Asking an open-ended questions such as, “What’s it like living in this subdivision?” gives neighbors a chance to share stories. If you worry the neighbor will want to only share positive information because they are friends with the seller, consider going for a walk and talking to people living several houses away. Visiting area businesses not only provides an opportunity to quiz local business owners about the area, but gives you a taste of the local flavor and menus. There are lots of great neighborhoods in Metro Denver – it can be overwhelming searching for the right one.

What would you change about the community?

Asking a neighborhood what they would change about the area will likely uncover any negative sentiments or information. If the only thing the neighbor can think of is that neighbors leave out their garbage cans too long on trash day, it’s a good sign. Most people will share their candid perspective.

Which schools have the best reputation?

When relocating to Denver, Colorado with children, it’s especially important to learn more about the schools. Even if you don’t have children, good school districts affect property values. Again, your personal situation affects whether you would prefer to live in a particular area. If you have a child who plans to attend art school or community college, check out the institutes for higher education. While taking a campus tour, find out whether people feel comfortable walking in the area or if they focus on crime incidents.

Other good questions to ask include questions related to social activities in the area. Find out whether there are any clubs or if people tend to stick to themselves. It’s all about finding out if a particular neighborhood is a good fit for your age and stage in life. Neighbors will also often share information about the homeowner association rules and reputation. In addition to the reputation of a community, it’s important to get the facts and figures about property taxes and homeowner association fees. Ask your real estate agent to pull data about the costs associated with buying a home in a particular area. Some home buyers quickly get over their heads by neglecting to add in the property taxes and HOA fees. If you plan to do your initial research remote, consider calling an HOA president to learn about the community’s standards, fees and reputation.

At The Principal Team, we work with people relocating to Denver, Colorado from other states as well as area residents who want to buy a step-up house. Finding a home in the right neighborhood is just as important as finding the right architectural style and layout. For more tips on finding the  perfect new home, please contact us.