Why Empty Nesters Are Moving to Patio Home Communities

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Owning real estate can be a great long-term investment. While many people purchase a home with the intent to live in it for decades, there will come a time in which downsizing and changing property types can be a great decision. For empty nesters in the Denver area, a great option would be to purchase a patio home. Homes for sale in Denver-area patio home communities provide empty nesters with a variety of different amenities that can make them ideal.

Less Maintenance

One of the main advantages of patio homes is that they require far less maintenance than other types of homes. When you own a patio home, it will likely be located inside a larger development and association. The association will almost always handle many parts of the maintenance including landscaping, gardening, and exterior property repairs. This is ideal for those that would need assistance handling the more strenuous maintenance and repairs.


Another advantage of patio homes is that they are more secure than other property types. The style of patio homes varies considerably from one community to the next. However, you will likely have a variety of neighbors that you are located very nearby to. Furthermore, many patio home communities also have onsite security services. This can help to improve the overall security of your community and ensure that you have neighbors nearby that can look out for each other.

More Affordable

The third advantage of a patio home is that they are more affordable – and still can be incredibly luxurious. As empty nesters begin to retire, finding ways to cut back on costs is critical. Patio homes tend to have lower sales prices and also reduced taxes and insurance costs.

If you are interested in downsizing into a patio home, you should contact us to learn more about the benefits that the housing type can provide to you.