Boulder, CO Luxury Living: Defining What Makes a Listing So Special

View of the Flatirons from Mapleton Hill neighborhood in Boulder.

Listings often describe homes as “luxury homes,” but what exactly makes a home so special? In some cases, an ordinary home simply sits in a prestigious neighborhood. When selling your home, consider tips for making your home stand out.

Square footage or even price alone do not tell the story. Owning a luxury home is, in part, a subjective experience. According to a recent piece by, luxury homes do have certain elements in common. As far as price, most luxury homes sell for about $500,000 and up. But with rapid home appreciation in Boulder County, don’t feel surprised if only homes in the million dollar range attract high-end buyers.

A beautiful view

Most luxury home communities in Boulder have breathtaking views that turns an otherwise normal subdivision into a trendy hotspot. As a home seller, talk to us before you sell your home – we can help you maximize your property’s views. Maybe it’s better to stage a particular room as a home office with a view versus a bedroom, for example.

Upgraded materials and finishes

When listing your luxury home, make sure the finishes, materials and appliances are not considered standard. Some common elements in upscale homes include solid hardwood instead of laminate, marble instead of granite, elaborate front entryway doors and high-tech appliances.

Whether you have extensive landscaping, security fences or a lot of acreage, make sure your home appeals to high-end buyers seeking privacy. Of course, celebrities want their homes to provide a refuge from the public eye. But even everyday wealthy people put a premium on privacy. Staging a home is also extremely important as high-end buyers want to picture themselves living in a luxurious environment. Most professional home stagers specialize in the high-end market, bringing in on-trend furniture, art pieces and décor items. At Metro Denver Luxury Homes, we help sellers get the best price for their homes. For more tips ensuring your home shows like a true luxury home when it’s on the market, contact us.