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If you don’t want to be downtown, consider these two communities our clients love – Highlands Ranch and Niwot.

Many people love the idea of living in the big city. For people all over the country, Denver is a very popular place to relocate to whether it is for a job or simply for the lifestlye. The metropolitan area population of roughly 2,857,700 people. This area is seeing rapid growth in jobs and is an excellent place to live when looking for a great career according to a profile from Forbes.

But when it comes to moving to Denver, many people end up looking in the suburbs rather than Denver proper for a variety of reasons. In this post we will highlight two Metro Denver cities—one to the south and one to the north—and why people might consider living there over Denver itself.

Highlands Ranch

Homes for sale in Highlands Ranch are in a community known to be one of the most affluent cities in the Metro Denver area. Most of the development has taken place within the last few decades so homes are newer and well maintained. It is only about 12 miles from Denver and has excellent schools. Highlands Ranch is a great place to raise a family with over 20 parks for families to enjoy. Many reviews on rate this as the perfect place to raise a family. Compared to Denver, Highlands Ranch is a place that is cleaner, more open, and has better-rated schools.


Homes for sale in Niwot are in a quiet town northwest of Denver and just north of Boulder. It is the ideal place to live for those looking for a small town feel with great commuting access to Denver and especially Boulder. Niwot is an amalgamation of country living and upscale trends. As an article by Matt Masich from Colorado Life Magazine puts it,

“It’s the kind of place where you can buy a sack of chicken feed at Niwot Rental & Feed, then stroll next door and buy a Porsche from Gunbarrel Import Motors.”

Niwot has a historic downtown and beautiful, stately neighborhoods. For those looking for a quieter and luxurious place to live close to Denver, Niwot is that place.

While these are just two of the suburbs that make up the Metro Denver area, there are dozens of others to consider as well. For more information on luxury Denver living, contact us today at Metro Denver Luxury Homes.