Considering a New Construction Home in Metro Denver?

Most of the time when you make a move, the question presents itself of, “Should I build a new home or buy an existing home?” While there are many merits to each, in this blog post we want to talk about some of the benefits of buying a brand new home or building a new home. Many areas in the Denver Metro area have new construction homes available, including many neighborhoods with luxury homes. Here are 3 reasons why we love new builds here at The Principal Team.

Buying a New Construction Luxury Home in DenverAll the Customizations

Building a custom luxury home is the easiest way to make sure a home has everything you want. Sure, skilled remodelers can change the layout of a home, add windows, or take down unwanted walls. But building a home gives you the opportunity to choose each feature, from the layout of the floor plan to the tile in a backsplash, each detail is your own. Work with builders to make sure your home meets all of your needs.

Energy Efficiency

New homes are able to provide energy efficiency like an older home will never be able to do. Technology has changed so much over the last few decades and also attention to energy efficiency is common practice. Windows, water heaters, furnaces, and kitchen appliances are all examples of features of a home that would likely need to be updated in an existing home to get maximum efficiency. Energy efficiency is not only better for the environment but it is better for your wallet as well.

Everything is New and Under Warranty

When you build a new home you know every part of the house is new and under warranty with the builder. You aren’t wondering how many more years you can get out of the roof, or when the water heater might give out on you. Everything is ready to use and at the beginning of its life. And if something doesn’t meet your expectations, in most cases a builder warranty will cover any repairs or replacements for at least the first year.

There are many reasons why building a new home is a great decision. The opportunity for customizations, energy efficiency, and warranties are three of the biggest benefits we see to building a new home. For more information on Metro Denver Luxury Homes, contact us today.