Six Luxurious Home Design Trends That Will Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa (Part I)

Next to your kitchen, your bathroom is your biggest investment in your home and you spend a lot of time there. So, no matter how big or small, shouldn’t the space be as spa-like as possible with a modern look? You know it’s time and you’d really like to update your bathroom. It seems like every year there are new trends and it’s hard to keep up. This year we’ve discovered some fantastic trends that will give your bathroom that contemporary look you’re searching for; let’s explore the first three.

Lighting and Mirrors

Some bathrooms aren’t equipped with decent lighting and, let’s face it, you need lots of light in a bathroom. There are an abundance of lighting options. Some good selections for a small- or mid-sized bathroom are pendants or wall sconces; if your bath is on the large side, a chandelier centered in the room or over the jetted tub will give off lots of light in addition to that wow factor. Use your imagination with lighting fixtures, dimmers and methods that are strategically placed and you’ll have a relaxing oasis.

In your modern bath, there will be many hard lines. Obtaining round mirrors will soften the look and be quite eye-catching. In a double vanity bathroom, you can hang one giant, round mirror or a round mirror over each sink.

Dark Colors

It’s not as popular as it is in kitchens, but dramatic, dark colors like gray, brown, forest green or even dark red are slowly making an entrance into bathrooms this year. You could even attempt to use black, although this color is a bit tricky to work with and many shy away from it. To keep your dark bathroom from becoming too dull, use bright white or cream-colored sinks, toilets and tubs.

If, however, you prefer the nice creams and whites of a neutral bath then you’ll be happy to know that this is still “in” this year—but with a slight twist. This year, the trend is to incorporate a touch of organic color such as blues or browns and organic materials like stone, wood and brick—it’s a way of bringing the outside in. For something different, how about a natural stone sink or let the sun shine in through a skylight?

High Tech Toilets

The Japanese were the leader of high-tech toilets for many years while other countries, such as the U.S., were content to supply the same toilets year after year. Yet this year you’ll observe that more and more toilets are gaining a little technology.

You could upgrade your bathroom with a tech toilet that is equipped with items such as an automatic slow-closing lid and seat, a built-in deodorizer, a seat warmer, an adjustable air dryer and an automatic lid opener. If that’s not enough tech on your toilet for you, there’s one other feature that’s sure to surprise you—a wireless music player! If you don’t like bringing your phone or a book in the bathroom with you, no worries, your toilet will provide the entertainment with nature or jazz melodies. Just lift the lid and you’ll be automatically greeted with one of many songs and the player turns off when you put the lid down. Amazing!

These are some marvelous trends so far, right? Just wait until you read the last three next week! Until then, if you have questions or would like more information about modernizing your bathroom, please contact us.