3 Must-See Historical Spots for All Colorado Residents

As one of the most active hubs of the West, Colorado holds a rich and colorful history worth seeing for any resident. Whether driving past countless mines in the mountains or catching a train at the historic Union Station, Colorado’s vibrant past surrounds residents and visitors alike as they adventure through the state. Gain a better understanding of this one-of-a-kind state with these must-see historical spots for all Colorado residents.

Mountain Gold Mine Tours

The California Gold Rush of the 1800’s is well-known for opening up the West.  Lesser known, however, is the Colorado Gold Rush that soon followed. Residents and visitors to the state now have the unique opportunity to explore historic gold mines and the towns constructed near them. “Visitors can follow the Colorado Gold Trail, a scenic tour of gold rush towns and gold and silver mines that flourished in the boom of the late 1850s.” The tour can give Colorado residents an appreciation for the early history of the state they now call home.

Dinosaur Ridge

Before prospectors came with their covered wagons and dreams of striking gold, dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures roamed the area. Located just off of C-470, Dinosaur Ridge has not yet been discovered by many Colorado residents. Construction crews discovered dinosaur tracks in 1937 while building West Alameda Parkway. In just a short drive, visitors to Dinosaur Ridge can see these tracks for themselves, along with other prehistoric discoveries in the area. Homes for sale in Morrison and homes for sale in Golden are two areas close to Dinosaur Ridge.

One of the lounge and bar areas at Denver’s Historic Union Station.

Historic Union Station

Before the days of airplanes and cross-country highways, Denver’s main hub of transportation was Union Station.  In 1881, “the Union Depot and Railroad Company built the city’s first Union Station to accommodate multiple trains.”  Although the station has undergone many changes since that original build, including the famous Mitzpah Arch, the location and purpose of Union Station has remained the same.  Visitors and residents can now enjoy fine dining, hotels, and local hot spots in the neighborhood around Union Station. There are lots of homes for sale in great Denver neighborhoods close to Union Station.

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