10 Great Home Safety Tips To Help Keep Burglars Away

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In today’s world it seems the local news is filled with political scandals and home break-ins. While we probably can’t do much about the first, we certainly can protect our homes. Besides installing a home security system there are other things you can do to protect your family, valuables and home from invaders.

Never leave additional keys in potted plants, under doormats or other obvious outside areas—burglars know all the spots to look in. Your best bet is to give a set of keys to a trusted neighbor or hide them in an obscure location.

All of your home’s outside doors should have 1-inch deadbolt locks. If they don’t, you should have them installed.

Don’t leave your garage door open at any time—even when you’re home. For a thief, an open garage door is easy entry into your home. Likewise, an overhead garage door contact or other security system products would give you additional protection.

It’s not a good—or smart—idea to leave pricey jewelry, cash and other precious items just lying around in your home. Protect your possessions by storing them in a safety deposit box at your bank or a safe somewhere in your home.

If you’re going to be away for several days, turn your home phone off and turn the volume down on your answering machine. Burglars use an unanswered phone as a sign that nobody’s home. Likewise, ask a close friend or family member to pick up your mail and newspaper. Don’t put delivery on hold or cancel it—you never know who’s going to receive that information.

While we’re on the subject of being away, always let it appear as if someone’s home by having a TV turned on in a living room or bedroom; use time-sensor outside lights along with motion detection lights. Another fantastic deterrent for intruders are security system window decals or lawn signs.

If there’s an unanticipated knock at your door, never open the door without first seeing who’s on the other side—it could be dangerous for you. If it’s a stranger, talk through the locked door and have your wireless car lock remote in your hand or easily accessible; in the event you need help you can press the red panic button on your remote to set off the alarm—that’ll definitely scare the intruder away!

Your glass patio sliding doors are a popular way for a thief to get in and many homeowners don’t think about securing these doors. To prevent these break-ins, get a metal bar or pipe that’s as long as the track on your sliding door and place the bar or pipe in the bottom, center track of the door. You could also purchase glass break sensors for those prowlers who’d rather break the glass door; when the glass is smashed, the alarm will sound.

This may seem obvious (although you’d be surprised the number of people who don’t do this) but at night make sure all blinds, shades and/or drapes are closed—particularly in rooms with expensive items like computers. You don’t want to display everything you own to trespassers.

Never stick notes on your door for family or a service person while you’re not at home. Every day there are more break-ins occurring during daylight and leaving a note is a good signal to a robber that you’re not home.

Following these tips will help ensure your family and possessions remain safe. If you’d like more information on this subject, please contact us.