A Strategy for Conducting a Metro Denver Luxury Home Search

The ideal luxury home vision differs from person to person–a downtown penthouse with spectacular mountain views, a contemporary 5,000 square foot home on the side of a mountain, or a gated community in a superior school system–whatever your dream, it’s helpful to have a strategy in place when doing a Metro Denver Luxury Home Search.


Doing a preliminary internet search is often the first step for home buyers; however, luxury home sellers often limit public access due to privacy concerns.

Find a qualified luxury home realtor by asking friends or business associates for referrals or conduct an online search for a specialist in luxury home sales. Before selecting a realtor:

  • Visit their website and read their blog
  • Research credentials and check out references
  • Meet with them by phone or in person before committing

A knowledgeable REALTOR®:

  • Often hears about listings before they hit the market
  • Knows about the school system
  • Knows the nuances of the neighborhood
  • Is familiar with specifics about the properties

Financing Heads-up 

Obtain your financing approval early on. A professional REALTOR® can recommend good lenders if you need a referral. Work with a mortgage broker, loan officer or personal banker to gather the information luxury home sellers often require a realtor to bring with them:

  • Bank statements
  • W-2 forms
  • Tax returns for at least two years
  • Various financial statements

Know the difference between pre-qualify and pre-approval letters:

  • Pre-qualify – provides general information about your financial situation
  • Pre-approval – states the amount for which you already qualify and are preapproved for, providing more rigorous and extensive financial information

Working With Your REALTOR®

While on appointments to view interesting properties with your realtor:

  • Review the property’s architectural highlights – will the home retain its value, does it have good “bones” and are there unusual details, such as quality finishes
  • Look around the neighborhood
  • Address required disclosures of any property defects, such as flood zones, underground oil tanks or sewer lines

Finding the perfect luxury home in Metro Denver is an exciting adventure when undertaken with the assistance of a luxury home property specialist. Contact us and we’ll be pleased to help you find your dream home.