Lessen the Stress of Relocating to Colorado

autumn-mom-babyMoving is never on people’s top ten list of fun stuff to do, but if you’re relocating to Colorado, we help quantify the issues and take some of the stress out of the ordeal.

  1. Temporary quarters. Sometimes, people want to rent for a while to learn the lay of the land. Maybe a home in the prior city needs to close, or perhaps a local purchase isn’t completed. In any event, I can help with temporary housing, since Remax Alliance has agents who specialize in rentals. We also maintain partnerships with firms specializing in good-quality, temporary housing.
  2. What areas are what? Denver Metro is a vibrant area, and people relocating to Colorado usually want to discover the many neighborhoods and their unique features. As a Denver native, I watched many of them grow and flourish. Assessing an owner’s needs from commute times to schools to preferred amenities is a necessity for new residents, and I can save you significant time.
  3. The hunt for the right home. Denver’s housing market is active, and to one degree or another, luxury homes create their own market. Fortunately, knowing this highly specialized segment of the market is what I do for a living, and whether you have questions about a horse property in Golden, a spread near the Polo Club, or a downtown luxury penthouse in a walkable neighborhood, I have answers.
  4. Concierge services. Owners starting new jobs with children in new schools in a new city don’t need the added worry of what service providers to use. On my own and through RE/MAX Alliance, we maintain lists of vetted and trusted vendors from lenders to contractors to home inspectors and just about anything else.

Relocating to Denver doesn’t have to drive newcomers crazy. By taking the big problem of a big move and turning it into smaller solvable ones, you can slide into a new home with minimal stress. Contact us for a personal consultation. At the very least, you’ll come away knowing a whole lot more than before.