Living in Luxury in Boulder, Colorado

The Flatirons in Boulder, CO

If you are from Colorado you know Boulder has quite the reputation. Boulder is  well know for its very unique community. Perhaps the central force of this unique community is the University of Colorado. But although this city has such a reputable university in it, Boulder is far from just being a college town. Luxury homes for sale in Boulder are in the most beautiful setting imaginable, nestled against the Flatirons.

Boulder has a history of being a hippie town, due to the number of hippies drawn to Boulder during the 1960s. But the truth is, you don’t have to be a hippie or a college student to live in Boulder. Boulder is full of successful, wealthy, and passionate people who love the outdoors and care about the environment. People living in Boulder find a camaraderie with their neighbors due to similar values and passions.

Boulder’s location, right at the base of the iconic Flatirons mountains makes it the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. And the booming technology industry and jobs at the University bring all sorts of bright minds to the city. Not to mention, Boulder is only 25 miles northwest of Denver. This means you have all the amenities of the larger city just a half hour away.

Many luxury homes for sale in Boulder are located on land or have unique architecture, simply due to the types of people who live in there. If that Boulder vibe is calling you away from Denver or you are new to Colorado and want to live in one of the most unique communities you can find, contact us today at Metro Denver Luxury Homes.