Colorado Horse Properties for Horse-Loving Homebuyers

Parker Horse Properties It’s a sad, horse lover’s story that repeats itself too many times over these days. The acres of fields and miles of trails you once rode on have become impassable, not because of some natural disaster, but because builders are replacing stables with tract homes and pastures with shopping centers. And new neighbors are moving in; people who think of horses as dirty, noisy nuisances that take up too much space and have no place in the modern world.

Horse lovers and their horses need to live in horse country. It’s as simple as that. Whether you’re looking for your first horse property or seeking to move from what has become an anti-horse suburb, Colorado horse properties rank as some of the best in the country, if not the world.

Parker horse estates, located all of 25 miles from downtown Denver, are not just exquisite, but near infrastructure to support them. Although the area has grown quite a bit in recent years, it’s still easy to find large animal vets, farriers, a network of parks and trails. Feed and tack stores are the norm, not the exception. Equine facilities such as The Millbrook Equestrian Center, the Bluebird Equestrian Center and the Colorado Horse Park offer everything from world-class boarding, training and indoor and outdoor arenas, along with social opportunities for those who consider horse-talk the only language worth speaking.

Denver itself is the site of the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, one of the premier equestrian events in the country. Organized by the Colorado Horse Council, the Expo is a 4-day celebration of all things equine from clinics and art shows to contests and craft fairs. And the Council is active throughout the year in promoting horse welfare and watch-dogging any state legislation that might have an impact on the equine community.

There are horse properties all over the Denver area, including in Golden, Broomfield, Littleton and Greenwood Village. If you’re searching for a fanatically horse-friendly environment for you and your horses, contact us. We’ll help you find the perfect property for you.