Enticing Buyers with a Sophisticated Bedroom When Selling in Denver

slide-NEW-bedroomWhen selling your home in Denver, Colorado, entice luxury homebuyers with a sophisticated bedroom. Although most decorators and home stagers recommend improving the kitchen and bathrooms, the bedroom is also an important selling point. According to an article by realtytoday.com, the way your bedroom looks has a major influence on a potential buyer’s opinion of the home. In Denver, many of the homes on the market show well because of staging and interior design choices that bring out the architectural features. To showcase your bedrooms as relaxing retreats for romance and rest, consider a few tricks used by home stagers.

Adding light and color

One way to improve your Denver home is to paint the bedrooms a serene color. Soft blues, greens, beige or a faint violet color calms people. Experts recommend an eggshell finish or satin to brighten the space.

Leaning toward minimalism

When it comes to furniture, less is more in the bedroom. You don’t want potential buyers touring your Lywood home to trip over a bedroom chair. Remove any television from the bedroom so it looks like a retreat instead of an entertainment room. Removing furniture makes the space appear larger. If your bedroom is small, don’t try to squeeze in a sitting area.

Using the bed as a focal point

By creating an artistic headboard, you create a focal point in the bedroom. Balance out the space by putting small tables on either side of the bed with matching lamps. If you don’t have a headboard that works, consider a large, colorful piece of art work above the bed.

Other tips include removing clutter, putting down a textured rug if there is not carpet in the bedroom. Remove any personal items such as religious symbols or family photos, but replace them with artistic accessories. At Metro Denver Luxury Homes, we work hard to help our clients sell their homes in less time and for the best sales price. For more information on how to improve your Colorado home before listing, please contact us.