Great Neighborhoods in Metro Denver: Washington Park

Washington Park is a Great Neighborhood in Denver, COIf you are looking for an upscale neighborhood in Denver, then definitely consider the homes for sale in Washington Park, affectionately known as “Wash Park” by the locals. Wash Park is not only one of the Great Neighborhoods in Metro Denver, but also one of the oldest.  Settled in 1886, it includes a blend of historic and modern architecture, some of the most interesting specialty shops and one of the most popular and beautiful parks of the city. The 25 mile portion of the 1860’s “City Ditch” aka “Smith’s Irrigation Ditch” which runs through the neighborhood is a National Historic Landmark.

The park itself covers 155 acres and encloses two lakes and two gardens. Listed in 2012 as one the “Great Public Spaces in America”, the park takes its name from the first president.  One of the gardens in the park is a replica of the garden at Mt. Vernon.  Park visitors enjoy many outdoor activities, concerts and events throughout the year.

Downing Avenue divides the district into East “Wash Park” and West “Wash Park.” East consists mostly of single family homes built between 1900 and 1940. Look for gorgeous multi-million dollar mansions with lush landscaping and large, private lots. While great restaurants abound all around Washington Park, East’s Logan Street features Lucille’s Creole Cafe.  Lucille’s draws diners from all over especially for breakfast and her weekend brunches. When you go, be sure to have some of the chicory coffee and hot beignets. Yum!  Another East favorite, Vert’s Kitchen on Pearl Street, service delicious organic meals.

The younger, hippier, crowd hangs out in West “Wash Park,”  where the much-favored Old South Gaylord Street is found.  This street hosts many of the most popular restaurants, bars and coffee shops.  Hit Max Gill and Grill on Mondays for $2 oysters.  The Washington Park Grill features interesting dishes such a roast lamb salad or a tartufe dessert.  The Saucy Noodle, known for its generous use of garlic, has been serving pizza for 40 years on University Ave.  Gaylord Street also offers popular boutiques, bookshops and coffee shops.

It seems only natural that West Wash Park features the liveliest night life with a number of sports bars, taverns and dive bars.  For those who want a dressy, romantic and very unusual ambiance, Beatrice and Woodsley on South Broadway is the place to go.

With its broad base of shopping, dining, culture, activities and architecture Washington Park appeals to the person with discriminating taste. Whether you want a condo, a townhouse, a house or a luxurious home, contact us. We know the neighborhood and will find the perfect place for you.

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