Is Your Home Masculine or Feminine?

When you are preparing to sell your luxury home in Colorado, think about whether your home has a more feminine or masculine energy. In many cases, it’s the woman who makes the home buying decision. That doesn’t mean you need to paint your home pink, but it does mean you need to pay attention to the on-trend finishes and materials. For people moving to the area, Boulder, CO Luxury Living is about having a home that show the world they have “made it.” For women, it’s also about having a beautiful and luxurious sanctuary for feeling secure as well as for entertaining friends and family. According to a recent piece by that cited research, 91 percent of the time, it is women who make the home-buying decisions whether single or married. Experts say women of different age ranges tend to value different luxury features.

An open floor plan

Women practically invented the open floor plan because they wanted to work in the kitchen while staying involved with the rest of the family. Because the gender roles shifted, the kitchen is now a gathering place for every member of the family. If you don’t have an open floor plan in your Boulder home, pay extra attention to staging and make sure your home isn’t cluttered, which can give it a more open feel. Feeling adventurous? Talk to a contractor about opening space by removing a wall between the kitchen and living area.

kitchenA low-maintenance home

In addition to an easy-to use security, home theater and sound systems, women appreciate low maintenance. Choose flooring and countertops that are classic and high-end but also easy to maintain such as granite and hardwood. Use native Colorado plants for landscaping for less watering and work.

Plenty of closets

Women also invented the walk-in close with organizers. When selling your home, don’t neglect the closet. If you remove everything out of the closets, it will look too bare. You can stage your closet by neatly hanging your best outfits and organizing your nicest shoes and pocketbooks.

In terms of staging your home, you don’t need to make it too feminine since women appreciate a balance. If you sell with me, I’ll advise you on the best improvements you can make to your particular home before listing it. For more information about Boulder, CO luxury living and listing your home for sale in the metro Denver area, please contact me.