Community Profiles for People Relocating to Colorado: Spotlight on Franktown

People relocating to Denver shouldn’t let naysayers discourage them. Large, private properties within driving distance of Denver are not hard to find. At least that’s the case when Colorado home buyers choose to settle in Franktown. Considered a census-designated place, it encompasses a 123.8-square miles and houses less than 500 people, but that doesn’t mean it’s barren.

Franktown is home to beautiful, sprawling residences.  Check out these Luxury Franktown homes for sale and it’s easy to see how luxurious living – less than an hour away from Denver – can be for people seeking space and privacy. Some of the homes in Franktown feature more than 9,000 square feet of living space. Others boast 70 acres of uninhabited land complete and features like secluded canyons! Just imagine what it would be like to own an entire canyon, now that’s privacy!

And in case you’re wondering, the average home price per square foot in Franktown is less than many other areas throughout Colorado.  As such, home prices often start at around $770,000. The average homeowner is typically someone in his or her 40s with a net worth in excess of $1,000,000.

In addition to the large, stunning homes surrounded by spacious acreage, the Franktown area also has an abundance of outdoor recreation areas. Among them are Castlewood Canyon State Park and Castlewood Canyon Dam. The day-use park is breathtaking and features amenities like a natural amphitheater, hiking trails, climbing walls, covered picnic shelters for large groups and a modest size conference center.

As such, it is common for Franktown homeowners to host special family and business related events within the confines of the park. Speaking of family events, the Franktown area is not without public, private and alternative schools. The list of educational venues in the Franktown area includes, but isn’t confined to the Trinity Lutheran School, Franktown Elementary and the Brookstone Christian Academy.

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