New Construction vs. a Remodel: Newly-Built Homes Easier on a Marriage

Remodeling vs. New Construction
Remodeling vs. New Construction

Buying a fixer-upper in Colorado may seem like a way to spend more time together as a couple. If you’ve ever remodeled a home with a loved one, though, you may agree with experts who say that home remodeling can be hard on relationships. In fact, a survey by Houzz found 12 percent of couples considered divorce or separation in the middle of their remodeling projects. The bigger the project, the more stress involved.

House hunting for a new construction home, on the other hand, often bonds families. There’s a sense of excitement as families pick out cabinets, interior paint colors, elevation style and the lot. According to an article by Huffington Post, there are many benefits of buying a brand new home/new home construction. A Trulia survey found 41 percent of Americans rather own a new construction home rather than an existing home, even if the existing home is move-in ready. An experienced Realtor who knows the Denver and Boulder, CO, real estate markets can help you locate new construction subdivisions as well as lots available in more established neighborhoods. Realtors can often help you land builder incentives or upgrades as well as financial help with closing costs.

Opening up to contemporary floor plans

One of the main advantages of newly-built homes is they already have the layout most people today prefer. Some vintage homes built in the 1920s are so tiny they are difficult to squeeze into. Most contemporary homes have open floor plans, eat-in kitchens and outdoor areas for entertaining.

Having a choice in the options and upgrades

Another advantage of new construction is the fact that you can pick a semi-custom or custom builder who allows you to select upgrades and design options. If you are a person who has specific preferences with regard to cabinet color, flooring and countertop selection, you may save tens of thousands of dollars with a semi-custom or custom home. If you are less particular, your Realtor may be able to find you a deal on an inventory home with upgrades you like.

Saving on the energy bill

A growing number of Colorado residents take the environment seriously. New homes have the latest technology built in as well as energy-efficient appliances, air-conditioning units, windows and patio doors. Because everything is new, your appliances and other items will be under warranty.

The reason total home renovations and remodels can prove to be hard on a marriage is because of the financial factors (and even the effort required to remodel) that can be so unpredictable. Many couples fight about money. Although vintage homes can be charming, they may also have hidden defects. Replacing plumbing, upgrading and retrofitting an older home can be a costly endeavor that leads to arguments and disagreements. If you do decide to buy a fixer-upper, lean on the expertise of a Realtor who can make sure the home is property inspected. With the right negotiations, you may be able to get a great deal on a Colorado home that is older. If you save enough during the purchase, remodeling won’t seem as pricey and could be well worth the effort.

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