Buying or Listing LoDo Luxury Lofts For Sale in a Rising Market

If you want to sell your luxury loft in the lower downtown section of Central Denver, you may need to step up your game in terms of upgrades, modern designs and renovation. With home prices trending up in the Denver area, more people are listing their homes so they can step up to a nicer house. Retiring baby boomers are attracted to hip, LoDo luxury lofts for sale, especially ones that are decorated with the urban chic and modern style. According to an article by Community Builders, Denver and other cities appeals to baby boomers.

LoDo is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Denver with modern condos and historic loft renovations satisfying the needs of baby boomers as well as young professions who want a million-dollar view. If you are looking for LoDO luxury lofts for sale, you may already be wondering how you can add our own sense of style to an urban space. Or you may be wondering what you can do to compete with the growing inventory of LoDo luxury lofts for sale.

Luxury LoDo Lofts
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Exposed brick

Whether you are selling or buying a LoDo loft, one coveted feature is exposed brick. You can hang a large art piece such as a cityscape or abstract art on the brick wall in front of a modern leather sofa. Leaving exposed brick under a contemporary window can eliminate the need for window treatments since the view itself becomes the focal point.

Modern storage

Some people use modern storage units with metal doors and shelving against an unpainted wall of their loft. In addition to displaying old books, showcase modern art within the shelving unit. Let a chic-looking ladder rest against metal shelving for reaching items that are on top shelves.

Gourmet kitchen

In a LoDo luxury loft, you may have exposed ductwork above the kitchen area as well as exposed brick. Stainless steel appliances work well as well as European cabinetry with stainless steel pulls. Black granite countertops that contrast with light cabinetry and floors work well in an urban loft. Add a pop of color with bright red chairs in the dining or eat-in kitchen area.

Other features that make a LoDo loft stand out include an urban garden patio or balcony. A bathroom retreat renovated with marble and glass tile and rain shower appeals to younger buyers, while older buyers may be looking for elder-friendly no-slip features. A glass wall partition in a master bedroom gives your loft that wow factor. For more information on buying and selling LoDo lofts and condos, pleasecontact us.