Renovation Ideas for Cherry Hills Village Homes For Sale

When buying a home in the upscale Cherry Hills Village community in the Denver area, you may wish to renovate or buy a home that has already been updated. Many of the homes built 20, 30 or 40 years ago can use a fresh new look. According to an article by House Beautiful, this is the year for drama and glamour. Many of the Cherry Hills Village homes for sale are luxury homes that can be the perfect backdrop for vintage furniture pieces as well as timeless styles.

Cherry Hills Village Homes for Sale
Cherry Hills Village Homes for Sale

Renovating in a traditional style

One type of home that can easily be renovated in Cherry Hills Village  is the traditional ranch style. One simple renovation ideas that can create a bit impact is to replace the entry doors. According to House Beautiful, people are gravitating back toward traditional and timeless after decades of eclectic and modern. The traditional style works perfectly with Cherry Hills Village homes for sale with countryside and mountain views.

Renovating for multiple generations

Another trend with Cherry Hills Village homes for sale is to accommodate multiple generations. In other words, many homes are being renovated and designed so that young adult children or elderly parents may cohabitate with the main homeowners. According to a recent article by CNBC Money Watch, many of the design elements cater to the aging population. Master floors are being put on the main floor. Levers are replacing knobs on doors. Appliances are more accessible. Also, when renovating a home, many homeowners are creating barrier-free showers for people who have trouble stepping over a threshold. The showers also include benches and bars to prevent falls.

Renovating for yourself 

Instead of renovating their homes to sell to other people, many homeowners want to choose the finishes they like. Individuality is big in design. Once you find Cherry Hills Village homes for sale that are in your price range, consider how much you’d like to spend on customizing the space. According to CNBC, some of the design trends include using quartz for countertops instead of granite, white cabinets and energy-efficient and water-saving appliances.

For more information about buying and selling a Cherry Hills Village home, please contact a Cherry Hills Village Realtor.