Hilltop Real Estate in Demand as Flash Sales Heat up

A wide variety of homes built over many decades can be found in Hilltop.

Real estate in the Denver area is booming, which means some homes are selling within a matter days or even within hours of being listed. This includes homes for sale in Hilltop. Experts are calling homes than sell within 24 hours “flash sales.” From contemporary ranches and Tudor-style homes to Santa Fe Style villas, buyers covet Hilltop Real Estate. According to a recent article by The Denver Post, Denver is one of 15 real estate markets in the United States with the most recorded flash sales in the last several months. The market is characterized by multiple offers, lower inventory and extremely motivated buyers. The Hilltop community offers a wide range of styles and a mixture of older homes and new construction.

Homes built in the 1930s to 1950s

Hilltop Real Estate offers homes that were built in the 1930s, which appeals to many baby boomers looking to retire to smaller spaces. Older styles such as the Santa Fe Style villa have a lot of character and charm such as an old-fashioned court yard and hardwood floors. Incredibly charming English Tudor Homes built in the 1940s can be found in Hilltop Real Estate listings. Meanwhile, homes built in the 1950s include open-floor ranches that have been upgraded. With a ‘50s home, you may find a finished basement, wood burning fireplace and original hardwood floors.

Homes built in the 1960s to 1990s

In the 1960s and 1970s, many of the “retro” type homes have a modern style you might not expect. The open floor plans work well today. Some homes have been renovated to include gourmet kitchens, spa-like bathrooms and walnut floors. House hunters going through the Hilltop Real Estate listings may also find custom homes from the 1990s. Custom homes often have special features such as floor-to-ceiling windows, custom laundry chutes and gourmet kitchens.

New construction homes, newer homes

Other homes in demand in the Hilltop area include new construction. In the $1 million range, it’s possible to find a modern homes inspired by the International/Art Deco style. New homes often include lofts, fireplaces, hardwood floors, upgrades and contemporary interior design choices. Homes built in the 2000s include energy-saving features, high end finishes and large spaces that flow.

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