Denver Luxury Homes Market Update August 2014

Average Sales Price For Denver Luxury Homes Over $500K

Denver Luxury Homes Average Sales Price
Denver Luxury Homes Average Sales Price

This graph shows the average sold price over the last six months for Denver luxury homes over $500,000. As you can see, the has gone up and down and back up. Overall, prices are relatively flat for homes over $500K. However, homes in this price range are selling again. A few years ago, very few homes were selling in the over $500,000 price range. It’s a much better time to sell a home in this price range than in the recent past.

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Denver Metro Real Estate Market Highlights

July 2014 real estate statistics:
– 6,448 homes sold in metro Denver
– 2,961 homes were listed for sale
– 4,746 homes were placed under contract
– 9,323 active listings

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Average Sales Price For All Denver Homes

Denver Homes Average Sales Price
Denver Homes Average Sales Price

The graph to the right shows the average sales price for all Metro Denver homes over the last six months. As you can see, prices continue to go up. However, the rate at which prices are rising is slowing. If you bought your home more than five years ago, you probably have a fair amount of equity. It may be a good time to consider selling your home and buying a bigger home or making the move to downsize.

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