10 Tips for an Organized Home

Metro Denver Luxury Homes Organization Tips

Denver Luxury Homes OrganizationIf you’re like me, your home office could use some organization. Home offices tend to collect papers and can quickly look disorganized and cluttered. Kitchens are another room that could benefit from some organization. Closets are an area that tends to get overlooked when organizing your home. This month, Metro Denver Luxury Homes will explore some creative ways to help you get organized.

Tip Number 1: Create a system for organizing papers. First, you should establish an in-box for paperwork you need to do something with. Next, set aside time each day to clean out your in-box. File documents that you need to keep such as receipts for taxes. Schedule bills to be paid and then shred or trash the bill unless you need it for taxes. Make a goal to clean out your in-box every day and it won’t seem like such a chore as it would be if you let it accumulate. Keep sensitive documents that need to be shredded in a box and then take the box to a shred-a-thon in your area.

Tip Number 2: Organize your technology. Tie unsightly cords together and hide them from view. If you have old technology that you no longer use in your office such as a fax machine, get rid of it. Look for an electronic recycling event in your area. Keep supplies such as new printer cartridges and reams of paper out of site. Use wireless devices whenever possible, a wireless mouse and keyboard can eliminate lots of cords.

Tip Number 3: Backup your computer in the cloud. Cloud backup systems are inexpensive and will give you peace of mind. Make sure you can always access your important files even if you have a computer failure.

Tip Number 4: Use your phone’s calendar to keep track of events instead of a bulky paper based calendar system. You will always have your calendar available to you no matter where you are. Make sure you use a calendar that can sync with an online calendar such as Google or Outlook.

Tip Number 5: Keep your kitchen counters clutter free. It makes preparing a meal much easier if your counters aren’t full of small appliances. Put these small appliances away in cabinets or pantries. Your kitchen will look nicer and it will make meal preparation more enjoyable. Clean out your pantry once per year and throw away any expired food. If you have food you will never use, donate it to a soup kitchen.

Tip Number 6: Use phone apps to help you stay more organized. For example, there are apps to store and track your expenses and apps to store recipes. There is more than likely an app to help you with every task in your home.

Tip Number 7: If your home is feeling a bit crowded, follow a one-in, one-out rule. Whenever you buy a new item, you must get rid of an old item. For example, if you buy a new book, you have to donate an old book.

Tip Number 8: Once per year, go through the clothes in your closet and dresser. Donate any clothes you haven’t worn in the past year. If you haven’t worn it in a year, the chances of you ever wearing it again are very small.

Tip Number 9: Purchase tools to help you organize. In the garage, hooks can help to organize tools. Plastic storage boxes are great for packing away important documents such as tax returns so that they won’t ever get wet or misplaced. Make sure to label storage boxes on the outside so you know what’s inside. There are more products to help you get organized than you can imagine. Just make sure that whatever products you buy, you use, or these products will just become more clutter.

Tip Number 10: Consider hiring a professional home organizer who will design organization systems for you and teach you how to use them. They can help you to create a system for every room in your home. Learn more about professional home organizers at the National Association of Professional Organizers website.

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