Denver Luxury Homes – What I’ve Learned as a Toastmaster Benefits My Clients

Distinguished Toastmaster Denver RealtorJ. David Lampe of RE/MAX Alliance – Metro Denver Luxury Homes – was recently awarded the Distinguished Toastmaster award by Toastmasters International.

It took David six years to complete all the requirements and achieve the award. He’s very proud of achieving Distinguished Toastmaster. David has learned many great skills that benefit his real estate clients.

You must choose a Realtor with excellent communication skills to get the results you desire. Let’s face it, you have thousands of Realtors to choose from in Colorado. Unfortunately, a large percentage of Realtors are very bad at communication. In fact, lack of communication is one of the biggest complaints consumers have about Realtors. A Realtor who is also a Toastmaster will communicate well with you, other agents and the other people involved in your home purchase or sale.

When you’re making one of the largest transactions of your life, excellent communication skills are important. When buying or selling a home, your Realtor must communicate extensively with you, other Realtors, lenders, title companies, and home inspectors – just to name a few. A Realtor with excellent communication skills will help ensure your transaction goes smoothly and that all the people involved are on the same page. A knowledgeable Realtor will also have good systems in place to make communicating easier, such as electronic contract systems, which makes for a smoother transaction for you and everyone else involved. For sellers, your Realtor needs to have a communication system in place to elicit feedback from showings and get that feedback to you.

David receiving his DTM award.
David receiving his DTM award.

Toastmasters learn written communication skills by writing their speeches and verbal communication by giving speeches. Many clients have complained to me that a previous Realtor wrote terrible advertising copy when listing their home. When I write copy for the MLS or other advertising, I think about all I’ve learned from Toastmasters. I always write descriptive and concise copy for listings, with the buyer’s perspective in mind.

In Toastmasters, one of the greatest skills we learn is to listen. By providing feedback to each other, we become better listeners. A good Realtor must listen to clients’ needs and wants. Otherwise clients – and the Realtor – will waste time and energy. I don’t know how many times I’ve been told by clients that their previous Realtor didn’t listen to them. Because the Realtor didn’t listen to what they wanted in a home, their home search was more difficult and took longer than it should have. I’ve heard from sellers that their previous Realtor didn’t listen to them when they explained which features they liked best about their home, so the Realtor didn’t focus on the home’s best assets in advertising and marketing. Listening is an extremely important skill for your Realtor to excel at and Realtors who are Toastmasters have this skill.

Less than 1% of Toastmasters achieve the Distinguished Toastmaster designation. There are very few Realtors in Colorado who are also Distinguished Toastmasters, probably less than 5 total. Clients who choose a Realtor who is also a Distinguished Toastmaster will have a better experience buying or selling a home. Distinguished Toastmasters have learned and practiced written and verbal communications skills by giving over 40 speeches, countless speech evaluations and serving in leadership positions. By choosing a Realtor who is also a Distinguished Toastmaster, home buyers and sellers get a partner with superior communication skills who will help get the results they’re looking for.

When you need a Realtor to buy or sell a home, consider the importance of good communication and listening skills. Consider hiring a Realtor who is also a Toastmaster. You can even go a step further and hire a Distinguished Toastmaster to assist you with your transaction. You’ll have a less stressful transaction through better communication and you won’t be disappointed.

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