Denver Luxury Homes July Seller Tips

Denver Luxury HomesBeat The Heat With Denver Luxury Homes

Summer is heating up and I hope you’re staying cool. When listing Denver luxury homes for sale this summer, it’s doubly important to keep it at a comfortable temperature. Your home shouldn’t just look good when it’s on the market—it should feel good, too! Buyers want a home where they can stay cool and comfortable in the summertime – first impressions are important.

With the hot summer weather, everyone is thinking about how to stay cool. In Colorado, when homeowners think about how to keep our homes cool, we generally think of central air conditioning, evaporative coolers and other options.

Central Air Conditioning

High-efficiency air conditioning units keep your home nice and cool without costing too much. New units cost much less to operate than units just a few years old. Best of all, Xcel Energy offers rebates for the installation of new high-efficiency air conditioning units, so if you’re thinking of installing air conditioning, now may be the perfect time. Xcel will also give you a $40-credit each year if you install and use a Saver’s Switch®.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers, sometimes called swamp coolers, are popular in Colorado because they work very well with our low humidity. They pump water onto pads and air blows through the pads into your home through vents in the attic. They are usually installed on roofs. Evaporative coolers are less expensive to operate than central air conditioning and Xcel Energy has rebates available.

Other Options

You can also use ceiling fans, window and portable room air conditioners and whole house attic fans to beat the heat.

Staying Cool While Enjoying Your Outdoor Spaces

Is there anything better than jumping into a pool on a hot summer day? Pools are the ultimate outdoor Denver luxury homes option to keep cool. They do, however, require quite a bit of maintenance. Before you install a pool, think about how often you’ll really use it. If you’ll only use a pool for a few days a year, it may be better to visit your community pool instead of building your own.

You can also stay cool outside by planting strategically-placed shade trees. Shade trees are a great investment that will provide you with enjoyment for many years to come. They also provide beauty to your yard.

Consider installing retractable awnings or building a roof over patios and decks.

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