Denver Luxury Homes June Seller Tips

Denver Luxury HomesWith the arrival of summer, many of us are tackling home improvement projects on Denver luxury homes. It’s crucial that you follow safety guidelines to make sure you stay safe. Below are a few critical safety tips for you to follow.

Denver Luxury Homes Project Planning

The most important step to a safe and successful home improvement project is planning. Make a list of all of the tasks necessary to complete your project. If there are any tasks you are uncertain about how to complete, use the Internet to learn how. There are YouTube videos for almost every home improvement project you can imagine. Watch two or three for a broad perspective on your project. You can even watch videos on your smartphone or tablet while you are working on the project.


Are you planning on planting a tree or building a fence this summer? Before digging any holes on your property, it is extremely important that you call 811 first. Within a few days, they will send someone to locate underground utilities in your yard and mark their locations. Then you can then dig safely by avoiding these areas. The best part is, this is a free service! You can help to avoid injury and service interruptions for you and your neighborhood by calling 811 before you dig.


If you’re planning to complete any projects this summer that require electrical work, you need to learn some important safety tips. Projects like changing a light fixture or installing a new ceiling fan may not require a professional, but you need to stay safe. Electrocution is a very serious consequence and it can kill you. You need to make sure the power is off to any circuit you will be working on before starting work. I like to turn off the breaker and then double-check the wires with a simple electrical tester to insure there is no power to the wires I will be working on.


A quality step ladder will help you safely complete many of your summer projects. From painting to changing light bulbs, you’ll be glad you have a good step ladder. A great alternative to a step ladder is an articulating ladder such as the Little Giant. These ladders allow multiple configurations including as a step ladder or an extension ladder. Whatever type of ladder you get, practice safety first. Always make sure your ladder is on a good stable surface before climbing up. In certain situations, you may need a helper to help hold the ladder for you as you climb up and down. Always face the ladder when climbing up or down. When moving a ladder outside, always look up to make sure the ladder will not come into contact with overhead electrical lines.

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