Luxury Living in Boulder, Colorado

Purchase a new house in Boulder, COBoulder, Colorado has a vibe all its own. Whether you think it is a hippy haven, college hangout or playground for entrepreneurs, the truth is that the city has an energy that just draws people in.

You might love the city for its natural beauty. With the Flatirons rising from the nearby foothills, living in Boulder provides easy access to outdoor living with endless hiking and running trails, city parks and bike paths.  You can be a weekend warrior or a daily bike commuter and take advantage of the outdoor lifestyle in Boulder.

You might love the city for its vibrant downtown. For some people, Boulder is synonymous with strolling Pearl Street to watch the street buskers. For others, the University of Colorado at Boulder is the centerpiece of the city, connecting people from all over the world.

You might love the city for its neighborhood feel. Boulder is awash in vibrant neighborhoods that combined the best of shopping, jobs and community connection. Historic neighborhoods like Mapleton and new developments like the Holiday neighborhood in North Boulder reflect the feel of community living in Boulder.

Or, you might love Boulder, Colorado luxury living. For many people, luxury might not be the first thing they associated with Boulder, but the city has an amazing variety of housing options, including elegant luxury homes that capitalize on the breathtaking views and natural beauty of the city. Whether nestled up in the foothills or spread out in the open spaces east of town, these homes exude luxury living with well-appointed kitchens and stunning outdoor spaces.

If you are interested in getting more information about luxury living in Boulder, Colorado, please contact us today! Check back here for more community profiles for people relocating to Colorado.

Featured Boulder Neighborhoods: Knollwood, Newlands, Pine Brook Hills, Rolling Hills, Table Mesa, University Place