Buying a New Construction Luxury Home in Denver

Buying a New Construction Luxury Home in DenverWhen you’re buying a new construction luxury home in Denver, you should get exactly what you want. Sometimes, you can find everything you’re looking for in an older home; they have great character, mature landscaping and – best of all – there are many to choose from. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to find everything you’re looking for in a home someone else built and lived in. To ensure your new home provides the lifestyle you’re looking for, you may want to consider new construction. Fortunately, there are many new construction luxury homes for sale in Denver and the Front Range.

“New Construction” can mean a house built to your specifications on a lot you purchase, a home that’s just been built, or a home built “on spec.” Spec homes are built with the hope of finding a buyer. Sometimes, you can buy a spec home before it’s finished, which gives you a say in the final look of your home.

[box]It’s important to work with a Realtor® when buying new construction homes for many reasons. Most importantly, a Realtor® is a trained professional who can look after every detail of your transaction. If you work only with the builder’s agent, you’re working with someone who’s primary duty is to the builder. Contact a Realtor® before you visit a builder to ensure you’re properly represented. A professional agent working for you can help you learn more about the builder, the HOA in your new neighborhood, plans for the area, and how to get the best deal on your new home.[/box]

There are a variety of benefits of new construction. These include:


Work with a Realtor when buying from a builder

If you work with a builder, you can customize the floor plan, finishes, landscaping, carpets and paint color in your home. If you’re buying a resale home, you may have to spend time and money on remodeling to get everything you want. If you’ve lived through a large remodeling project, you know they can often cost more than expected, take more time than you want and be frustrating.

Less maintenance

There’s a wonderful feeling when you move into a home that’s never been lived in. It’s not just something the builder built – you had a hand in creating it. And when the appliances are new and the roof is new, there’s much less to worry about than in an older home, where the hot water heater is on its last legs and the refrigerator starts making funny sounds right when you move in.

Don’t expect a new home to be perfect. You should consider getting it inspected by a professional to ensure everything is as it should be. We recently closed on a new home where plumbing from the home didn’t meet the city plumbing properly. Without an inspection, we wouldn’t have known until there was a problem. With an inspection, we had the problem fixed before closing. That being said, a well-built new home can be as close to perfect as a home can be.

Warranties are also a benefit of new construction. Your newly built home will usually include a limited warranty that dictates how repairs will be made and covers items like windows, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and even siding and trim. The appliances will be covered under their own warranties. So, even if something does go wrong, it can be less expensive to repair than in an older home.

Builder incentives

Builders don’t want houses sitting around unsold, so they often offer incentives to help sell homes, including those being built or even recently completed homes. A Realtor® can help you understand how these incentives affect your costs – it’s not always as clear as it should be.

Modern amenities and efficiencies

New homes are different than old homes. The floorplans are more open, for example, and they include amenities older homes don’t, such as home theater rooms, wine cellars, heated floors and more. New homes are more energy efficient than older homes, with better insulation and windows, more efficient appliances and more energy-efficient design and materials.

New homes can accommodate today’s technologies better than older homes. Today, we’re living with larger TVs, complex home security and even outdoor entertainment systems. Wireless technologies have taken off, but structured wiring is also important. When you’re buying a brand new home, these amenities can be built into the home from the start.

Comfortable, modern neighborhood amenities like pools and fitness centers are also a benefit of new communities. These may not be completed when you move in, though, and, sometimes HOA fees may change to help pay for these amenities.

Surprise! It’s not always more expensive to buy new!

Look around. New construction prices may be more reasonable than you think. Search our huge online database of Denver Metro Area and Front Range New Construction Luxury Homes for Sale and see what’s available or contact J. David Lampe today to help with your search. A Realtor® can help you determine what’s a good value. You may be surprised to learn that new construction homes in Denver are often priced comparably to older homes. We’ll help you work with a builder or find the newer home of your dreams.

Be sure to have a Realtor® on your side

Remember that builders’ agents work for the builders who hire them. If thinking of buying brand new home, hire a knowledgeable Realtor. contact J. David Lampe before you visit that new home community or talk to a builder to be sure your interests are protected.

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