How Can You Decide on Hilltop Real Estate Together if Your Spouse Is in Another State?

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Use a high-resolution digital camera to get shots of the home’s interior and exterior.

You’ve decided you’re interested in Hilltop real estate. Congratulations! Aside from a better salary and benefits, your new company offered you a generous relocation package. No wonder you jumped at the chance to move immediately to Colorado. In the meantime, your spouse stayed behind in your old state to tie up loose ends and get the kids ready for the move. You want your family to have a place to move into. But how can you both decide on a new home together if he or she is somewhere else? High technology provides an answer.

  • Turn on the video camera of your smart phone while you’re touring a potential purchase with your agent. That way, your spouse can see what you’re seeing, instruct you to zoom in to see specific details, and ask questions that your agent can answer.
  • Ask the current owner or selling agent for permission to take pictures. Then use a high-resolution digital camera to get shots of the home’s interior and exterior. You don’t want to depend on your smartphone for these images because it may not have the resolution to show enough detail. Than email the stills to your spouse.
  • One thing your spouse can’t get adequately from these remote viewings is a sense of a scale. So put yourself in the pictures as often as you can to give some idea of the size of the space. Your spouse at least knows how big you are. For more specific numbers, put a measuring tape, yardstick or other measuring device in the picture.

Sending your spouse these visual clues should help him or her come to a decision about your new home. For more information on how best to buy Hilltop real estate, please contact us.