Denver Luxury Homes April Seller Tips

Denver Luxury HomesFor a Spring or Summer Sale of Denver luxury homes

Now that spring is here, it’s time to concentrate on the exterior of your home and your yard. There are three areas you should concentrate on this month, exterior maintenance, yard work and exterior staging.

Exterior Maintenance of Denver luxury homes

Take a look at the outside of your Denver luxury home as if you are a buyer seeing it for the first time. Make a list of everything you see that could use some attention. Look for peeling paint, missing roof shingles, damaged gutters or downspouts, dirty windows or siding, missing mortar between bricks. Write down everything you find. Now, determine if the item is something you can do and want to do or if you need to hire someone to fix the item for you. For the items you will do, prioritize them, make a shopping list, buy what you need and get to work. For the items you need to hire someone to fix, get bids from licensed and insured contractors. If you need help finding a good contractor, call me, I’m happy to help.

Exterior Staging of Denver luxury homes

This is as important as interior staging. Remove clutter and excess furniture from your front porch, patios and decks. Try to make your patio and deck as inviting as possible. You want the buyer to picture themselves lounging on your deck or patio on a warm summer evening. Take a really close look at your home as you approach the front door from the street and the driveway. You need to make sure that these areas are as clean and neat as possible. Remove anything that may be in the way such as tree and shrub branches that may be blocking the way. Your front yard and door are the first impression a buyer will see. You never get a second chance at a first impression so make this impression count.

Clear the Winter Debris in Your Denver luxury home Yard

It’s time to clean up your yard and clear all the winter debris. I like to hire a landscaping company at this time of year to come and power rake, aerate and fertilize my lawn. It’s also a great time to take a look at all of your trees and shrubs and get them trimmed if necessary. You also need to really clean your yard at this time of year—get rid of all the items that have blown in over the winter! Don’t forget your patios and decks, either. Outdoor areas should also be cleaned and scrubbed, including all patio furniture, just like the interior of your home.

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